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  • The Ultimate Guide in Searching for the Best Cutting Board this 2019

    Cutting boards are one of the most important kitchen implement. It is also a great gift and a beautiful home décor.

    But here is the issue; there is a wide variety of cutting boards which differ in styles and materials. These features can impact the functionality and lifespan of this kitchen tool. Thus, how would you know which type of cutting board is best for you?

    Searching for a high-quality cutting board is not easy. That is why you need a guide to help you get a high quality one in the market. To assist you in navigating the best cutting board in the market, below are some tips to follow.

    #1 Type of Material

    Culinary experts recommend using hardwood cutting boards compared to other type of material.

    Hardwood cutting boards remains the best kitchen equipment for daily use. A cutting board made from wood is guaranteed long-lasting, durable, and looks attractive. Likewise, hardwood is more hygienic compared to plastics and ceramic types.

    When selecting a cutting board, ask for hardwood cutting boards. These type of cutting boards includes Walnut, Maple, Beech, Cherry, Oak, and Mahogany to name a few. Never use softwood like Pine, Fir and Spruce. Although softwoods are usable, however, it has shorter lifespan and less durable unlike hardwood type.

    #2 The Size

    Most buyers select a smaller cutting board for household use; that is a mistake. You need a larger cutting board than you think. Buying a bigger cutting board allows you to chop, dice, mince, cut, and carve meat in huge quantities. Likewise, an extra-large board provides plenty of space to cut ingredients.

    Moreover, you won’t have to get another cutting board in case you’ll have to prepare more food than you usually do.

    #3 Type Grain Structures

    A cutting board’s grain configuration is another significant feature you have to consider when searching for this kitchen tool.

    To give you more ideas, below are the three different types of grain structures.

    1. End Grain– The end-grain is a popular option among professionals and experts in the kitchen. Many people sought out this product for its durability and long lifespan. Moreover, it keeps a knife’s edge sharp since the vertical grain absorbs the cuts between the grains.

    2. Edge Grain– This type of cutting board has the ability to retain moisture. It is versatile and less expensive compared to end grain. However, edge grain is harder on knives, unlike end grain which causes less wear.

    3. Side Grain– The side grain also known as face grain is a durable and the most affordable option rather than the two listed above. It has a clean look and works excellently for laser engraving. This type of cutting board is a good gift and décor; however, it lacks the thickness for tough cutting. Furthermore, it is harder on knives causing immediate wear and dullness.

    Do you need more details on how to find the best wooden cutting board?

    You can go to the Virginia Boys Kitchens for additional info on the best wood cutting boards. Also, check out this source for tips and advice on how to take care of a wood cutting board.


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  • Behavioral Treatments for Chronic Anxiety Disorder

    Did you know that not all stress is bad? It’s actually a normal part of life. It’s the body’s response to certain situations or events that seem overwhelming. It is when stress gets too intense, happens every so often, or remains unresolved that it becomes a cause of concern. That’s because stress, if left untreated, can lead to worse disorders like anxiety. Anxiety, on the other hand, can become too severe to the point where it becomes a chronic disorder. That’s when things really go out of hand.

    Understanding Chronic Anxiety Disorder

    One of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders is chronic anxiety disorder, which is also known by the term generalized anxiety disorder or GAD. This psychological condition is as prevalent as panic disorder as well as social phobias. In most cases, people affected by chronic anxiety disorder consult a general practitioner instead of a psychiatrist. This further delays treatment as only a specialist can correctly diagnose the underlying causes of such condition. The usual approach of a doctor to begin treatment for chronic anxiety disorder is pharmacotherapy.

    Prescription drugs like benzodiazepines are administered to patients under close observation for side effects. These drugs alleviate the condition by relaxing the tense muscles caused by too much worrying. However, giving medicines is not sufficient to treat chronic anxiety disorder especially when the patient does not respond well according to a study published in the American Family Physician Journal. Likewise, patients with history of liver or kidney disease, as well as the elderly, may not tolerate medication easily. Instead, other options must be explored such as behavioral therapy, which can reduce the symptoms of chronic anxiety disorder.

    Behavioral Treatment for Chronic Anxiety Disorder

    There are different types of behavioral treatment or nonpharmacologic modalities used in treating chronic anxiety disorder. It is actually a regular practice for psychiatrists to combine drugs with psychological treatments to treat the condition based on the severity of the symptoms. People suffering from chronic anxiety are worried most of the time which is often accompanied by irritability, insomnia, and fatigue. As a result, these individuals often experience muscle tension and resort to procrastination due to constant worrying. Some behavioral therapies include relaxation techniques, biofeedback, and cognitive therapy.

    According to Dr Michael Gliatto, there have been studies that show more positive effects for cognitive behavioral therapy as compared to other psychological approaches. Nevertheless, he also mentioned that cognitive behavior treatment is limited to certain conditions and not applicable to patients with personality disorders. Behavioral treatment for chronic anxiety disorder is only good for such cases when complemented by medicines. It must also be kept in mind that patients who abuse prescription drugs must be treated separately since their case of chronic anxiety disorder is more complicated. Indeed, consulting a specialist for proper treatment is the best remedy for chronic anxiety disorder.

    Nipping the Problem in the Bud

    Perhaps the best thing you can do is nip the problem in the bud. How? As mentioned earlier, unmanaged stress can lead to anxiety. Hence, the best thing to do is manage stress from the get go. That’s possible if you take adaptogenic supplements, herbal supplements that contain ingredients meant to help your body’s production of cortisol, the body’s stress-inducing hormone. You can find out more here about adaptogenic supplements, as well as how these can help you manage stress before it leads to anxiety.

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  • Why Exogenous Ketones is Highly Recommended for People Who Wanted to Lose Weight

    In society today, people have become very conscious of their appearance; depending on a person’s motivation. But there are those individuals who put an effort to lose weight because of possible health issues.

    If people are going to look online, there are so many ways they can lose weight. There are different kinds of diet, but one of the most popular diets is decreasing the consumption of carbs. A body functions when there is enough energy and this energy usually comes from the carbs a person take. But what happens when a person is on a diet and they are low on carbs? What usually people do is take Exogenous Ketones. Find out when you should take them.

    What is ketone?

    When a person is low on carbohydrates, what the body usually does is burn fats in the body and converts it to the energy the individual use in a day. In the process, the body produces ketones; however, excessive production of ketone in the body may cause harmful effects. In this situation, it is highly recommended that people use or invest in Exogenous Ketones.

    Effects of Taking Exogenous Ketones

    People may think that taking supplements like these are only for controlling or making sure that the production of ketones in the body is balanced. But actually, there also other health benefits people can get when they start taking Exogenous Ketones.

    First, people are assured that when they are on a strict low-carb diet; their body can maintain a state of ketosis to make sure that other aspects of their body and health is not affected in the process of losing weight.

    Second, people get a boost of energy as well when they take this supplement. Normally, since the body is low on carb, the body burns fat instead to produce the amount of energy people get on a daily basis; but how about for those people who are really physically active? In this case, the Exogenous Ketones give people an extra boost of energy they can use in their everyday life.

    Third, it helps with mental acuity. One of the most important things the brain needs when processing information is glucose. However, after a very delicious meal when the food the person ate starts to break down into different properties the body needs since the breaking down of glucose requires a long metabolic process, the human brain is often deprived of glucose which causes brain fog. When using Exogenous Ketones, it helps the brain get enough glucose in the blood in order for a person to fully function every day.

    Lastly, if people wanted to lose down weight faster; unlike other supplements which give them obvious results afterward, using Exogenous Ketones together with proper diet and exercise can help people lose weight effectively. Aside from maintaining ketosis, using this supplement also helps increase the production of insulin. The production of insulin requires a lot of energy; thus, since the person is on a low-carb diet, it will help the body burn fat even faster in order for the body to have the energy for the insulin production.

  • Internet
  • How to Make Sure Your Information Online is Safe and Protected

    how to protect online information

    It’s clear that technology, along with the internet, is steadily growing and becoming daily need among people in the society. In recent years, some of the requirements needed in everyday work are shifting to the accessibility of the internet. But the reliability of online services can only go so far in terms of security. From important documents to personal credentials, one can only assume and hope for the best that privacy and security is legit enough. So how can one make sure that all personal information input online will stay safe and avoid hacking? There are some guidelines and tips you can follow to lessen the risk of falling victim to cybercrime and prevent any possible online hacking in the future.

    1. Be meticulous in creating passwords

    One of the best ways to keep your account safe is to create complex passwords. This makes it hard for hackers in figuring out your credentials and scammers in trying to access your financial information. Strong, unique passwords can be helpful in keeping your online account safe especially from widespread corporate hacks where a single database can reveal thousands of user passwords.

    1. Register for login notifications

    There are some websites that offer this type of feature wherein they will send you a notification that your account has been accessed from an unfamiliar location and computer. The notification will be sent to you via e-mail, app, or text message. This method will give you a better possibility of saving yourself from hacking. By receiving the notification, you can confirm and make sure your account is secured. You can also change your password and personal information before the hacking ensues.

    1. Firewall option

    For those unfamiliar with what a firewall feature is, it is an electronic barrier that is responsible in blocking unauthorized access to your devices. You may have heard of this option since it is often included in comprehensive security software. The firewall ensures that all granted access to the devices connected to your network are secured and monitored. Others also pursue the use of virtual private networks; you may wish to find out more about VPNS.

    two factor authentication social media

    1. Be wary on what you click

    This may be hard for those who are unfamiliar with how the internet works since most click baits are disguised well. Most online ads you can find on several websites can bring complications to your computer which can also put your accessibility at risk. Avoid clicking carelessly and giving your credentials away without thinking twice. Most hacks today are based on social engineering which means hackers can access your account by tricking you into revealing sensitive information. Examples of this can come in the form of spam emails, fake “free offers,” click baits, online quizzes and more. Hence, be very careful about your online activities.

    1. Select Verified Accounts

    This applies to both mobile and computer devices. Mobile accessibility faces new risks as much as computers do with apps and emails that contain malicious content that may put your device at risk. It’s best to download apps from verified and reliable companies to ensure your device’s safety.

    Nothing is ever certain when exploring the internet. With endless possibilities that can occur at any given time no matter where you are, it’s in your best interest to practice safe online surfing especially if it involves any of sensitive information such as financial accounts and personal information.

  • Health
  • Awesome Water Activities That Are Beneficial To Your Health

    health benefits of surfing

    When it comes to health concerns, the world health organization (WHO) is firm in promoting recreational water activities. According to WHO, these activities have great benefits when it comes to the well-being and health of a person. Regardless if it the activities are done on beaches, lakes, or swimming pools, these bodies of water provide a place for relaxation, physical activity or exercise, and fun.

    Like physical activities done on land, cardio exercises, meditation techniques, aerobics, and many other exercises can also be done in water. The activity might just be more challenging than when it is done on land; still, it provides the same benefits although the risk of injuries might be present.

    Some of these water activities are too fun that we do not really think much of the health benefits they provide. We often disregard what they have to offer for our health. However, it is important for us to know which activities are great for our health and in what ways do they help us.

    Water Aerobics

    This activity helps both heart and mind as it focuses on exercises beneficial to our cardiovascular system. It is perfect for burning calories, improving flexibility, and improving blood circulation in the body. As you know, water aerobics is usually done big groups; hence, it allows us to build relationships with those who join the session.


    Swimming is known for its muscular and cardiovascular benefits. This workout is perfect for burning calories and toning your muscles around your arm and thigh areas. Moreover, this also gives an exercise for your lungs; because of this, some singers even practice singing while immersed in water.

    Swimming is usually recommended for those working with heart problems, weight problems, as well as those with arthritis since the buoyancy of the water makes it easier for us to carry our own weight. Overall, swimming proves a lot of benefits for our health.

    how fishing helps our health


    What is great about fishing is that it keeps you busy and moving around for hours. This is great for those who are fond of being stagnant at home. Handling fishing equipment such as combos rods recommended by Flyfishilicious will also help you exercise your strength and concentration.

    Snorkeling or Diving

    For some people, the deep sea offers a perfect place for mental relaxation. Diving may be therapeutic to divers or anyone who loves the feeling of being submerged underwater. Like swimming, diving also burns calories and tones muscles.

    As for those who are not fond of being underwater, snorkeling also provides a mental therapy for those who are into marine creatures and their habitat. Snorkeling allows you to see the beauty of the ocean. Indeed, this will definitely calm your mind.


    Surfing is perfect for upper body and core workout. This is exactly why most, if not all, surfers have perfectly chiseled bodies. If you might have already noticed, most of them even have abs to flaunt. Furthermore, surfing also helps you improve your body balance and coordination especially when big waves are against you.


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  • How to Choose a Great Label Printer

    importance of product labelsFinding a printer that suits your needs from the numerous brands and models available in the market does get a bit tricky considering the variety of options available.

    Here is a quick guide to consider before making a buying a decision.

    Print quantity required on a daily basis

    The number of prints required on a daily basis is the first aspect to determine the kind of printer you will need.

    For lower volumes, there are printers such as E Class from Datamax or the Zebra’s LP or DA series as these are smaller printers designed to keep costs low and print around 1-20 labels a day at a very small investment.  

    One of the major drawbacks of these entry level printers, however, is that cost of repairs is quite high in the event of a breakdown. For meeting higher quantity requirements, printers such as the Datamax I Class Mark II and II or the H Class, Zebra 105SL, Xi Series or the ZT 400 are preferred mainly due to their capacity to print in thousands without any difficulty.

    And while these printers do require a higher initial investment, they are low maintenance models which will last for as long as 10 years or more when used and maintained properly.

    Types of label sizes

    When it comes to printing labels, everything has to be right. The content, itself, must have the necessary details and it should relaying true information. Otherwise, there would be some serious consequences for wrong labeling. Aside from the content, design and other labeling details; the label sizes matter a lot as well.

    There are endless options for the label sizes that label printers can produce. One important consideration here is the width of the label as size of print heads varies from printer to printer, although most do go up to 34 inches.  

    Four inches in the most popular size for labels– 90% of businesses use this. Six to eight inch width sizes are also available for label barrow or gallon containers.  

    Print head replacements do add to the cost of equipment as well, therefore, picking an appropriate size will keep initial and recurring cost lower. On an average, 4 inch print heads cost around $250-500, 6 inches print heads will cost approximately $600- $900 and anything over 8 inches comes with a price tag of over $1000.

    importance of labels on products

    What you need to print

    In addition to printing labels, label printers can perform a whole lot of other functions, too. Depending on what you need to print, you will have to accordingly consider the resolution you will need. Printing print logos, barcodes, small fonts, etc requires different DPI’s (dots per inch).

    Standard printers come in 203 DPI’s. For smaller fonts and enhanced quality, however, you would require a DPI of around 305.

    Printers from doranix.com can handle different types of materials to be printed on. Some of their printers specialize on Tyvek, a material used for sterilization pouches for dentists, doctors and pharmaceutical companies for extraordinarily safe packaging.


    If your budget permits, it is always recommended that you buy the latest printers on the market as these come loaded with features and a variety of specifications. If you are just starting out, however, and you don’t have a sizable budget, you could consider older generation machines or opt for something simple and basic.

    Monochrome and color printing

    Color printers, from popular brands such as Astromed and Toshiba, cost anywhere from $12,000 onwards for thermal transfer printers. The other option are inkjet label printers such as the VP2020 from VIP or the LX-810 from Primera.

  • Addiction
  • How to Spot Internet Addiction

    Angry businessman getting out from the computer screen

    The internet as we know it has only been accessible for the last two decades. During that time it has become so pervasive that Millennials and other people younger than 30 don’t remember a time when the internet was not available. In two short decades, we have seen the internet industry boom and bust, and then boom again. We have seen generations of social media, websites and apps grow into million-dollar businesses, and seen them go bankrupt as well.

    For a lot of people, they can no longer work or enjoy themselves without the internet. Their homes and offices have always on internet connection. When they go out, they prefer businesses with free wifi. Even when traveling, people rely on internet devices to navigate to where they are going. They rely on apps for dining suggestions, and for entertainment recommendations. The internet is so immersive that there comes a point you have to ask if you can live without the internet. This is the essence of internet addiction: there is the need to be always connected to the internet that you have withdrawal symptoms whenever you are offline.

    Excessive use of the internet does not necessarily mean an addiction. There are a lot of jobs which require people to stare at computers for the whole of their shift. Internet addiction is a compulsion to go online for any of a number of reasons, including internet gaming, gambling, social media, videos, and blogging.

    Caucasian young man dressed like nerd holding computer monitor in frustration.

    The following are common signs and symptoms of internet addiction:

    1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This occurs due to the excessive use of the mouse or keyboard. Although this is quite common in programmers and data encoders, long hours spent browsing the internet can also cause this problem.

    2. Backache and headaches. When a person sits for long hours without rest, backaches and headaches, as well as pain in the legs and calves would also occur. This is due to a lack of circulation and movement of the body. Although this is fairly common with clerks and other workers who spend their whole day sitting down, internet makes a person stationary and sitting while online.

    3. Strained vision. Staring at the monitor for an extended time strains the eyes and causes blurry vision. This is also related to headaches due to being in front of the computer for long stretches of time. Workers are advised to stare at an object 20 feet away, for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. However, internet addicts don’t heed this advice.

    4. Lack of sleep. Internet addicts go online at night, after work or school. They browse the web and look for something interesting. In doing so, they lose track of time, and lose sleep. There are different types of internet addiction, however, the activities are considered an addiction if these are done for extended hours on a daily basis.

    5. Loss or gain in weight. The compulsive behavior brought about by internet addiction has a side-effect. Either the internet addicts don’t eat on time, or they eat too much junk food. They munch on chips and chocolate bars, as well as drink too much coffee or energy drinks.

    The above are primary symptoms of internet addiction. There are other signs, including lack of human interaction, as well as the need to be always online. If you suspect that you, a friend or family member is addicted, you should take a simple test to confirm it.


    Computer/Internet Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects