The Ultimate Guide in Searching for the Best Cutting Board this 2019

Cutting boards are one of the most important kitchen implement. It is also a great gift and a beautiful home décor.

But here is the issue; there is a wide variety of cutting boards which differ in styles and materials. These features can impact the functionality and lifespan of this kitchen tool. Thus, how would you know which type of cutting board is best for you?

Searching for a high-quality cutting board is not easy. That is why you need a guide to help you get a high quality one in the market. To assist you in navigating the best cutting board in the market, below are some tips to follow.

#1 Type of Material

Culinary experts recommend using hardwood cutting boards compared to other type of material.

Hardwood cutting boards remains the best kitchen equipment for daily use. A cutting board made from wood is guaranteed long-lasting, durable, and looks attractive. Likewise, hardwood is more hygienic compared to plastics and ceramic types.

When selecting a cutting board, ask for hardwood cutting boards. These type of cutting boards includes Walnut, Maple, Beech, Cherry, Oak, and Mahogany to name a few. Never use softwood like Pine, Fir and Spruce. Although softwoods are usable, however, it has shorter lifespan and less durable unlike hardwood type.

#2 The Size

Most buyers select a smaller cutting board for household use; that is a mistake. You need a larger cutting board than you think. Buying a bigger cutting board allows you to chop, dice, mince, cut, and carve meat in huge quantities. Likewise, an extra-large board provides plenty of space to cut ingredients.

Moreover, you won’t have to get another cutting board in case you’ll have to prepare more food than you usually do.

#3 Type Grain Structures

A cutting board’s grain configuration is another significant feature you have to consider when searching for this kitchen tool.

To give you more ideas, below are the three different types of grain structures.

1. End Grain– The end-grain is a popular option among professionals and experts in the kitchen. Many people sought out this product for its durability and long lifespan. Moreover, it keeps a knife’s edge sharp since the vertical grain absorbs the cuts between the grains.

2. Edge Grain– This type of cutting board has the ability to retain moisture. It is versatile and less expensive compared to end grain. However, edge grain is harder on knives, unlike end grain which causes less wear.

3. Side Grain– The side grain also known as face grain is a durable and the most affordable option rather than the two listed above. It has a clean look and works excellently for laser engraving. This type of cutting board is a good gift and décor; however, it lacks the thickness for tough cutting. Furthermore, it is harder on knives causing immediate wear and dullness.

Do you need more details on how to find the best wooden cutting board?

You can go to the Virginia Boys Kitchens for additional info on the best wood cutting boards. Also, check out this source for tips and advice on how to take care of a wood cutting board.


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