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  • Awesome Water Activities That Are Beneficial To Your Health

    health benefits of surfing

    When it comes to health concerns, the world health organization (WHO) is firm in promoting recreational water activities. According to WHO, these activities have great benefits when it comes to the well-being and health of a person. Regardless if it the activities are done on beaches, lakes, or swimming pools, these bodies of water provide a place for relaxation, physical activity or exercise, and fun.

    Like physical activities done on land, cardio exercises, meditation techniques, aerobics, and many other exercises can also be done in water. The activity might just be more challenging than when it is done on land; still, it provides the same benefits although the risk of injuries might be present.

    Some of these water activities are too fun that we do not really think much of the health benefits they provide. We often disregard what they have to offer for our health. However, it is important for us to know which activities are great for our health and in what ways do they help us.

    Water Aerobics

    This activity helps both heart and mind as it focuses on exercises beneficial to our cardiovascular system. It is perfect for burning calories, improving flexibility, and improving blood circulation in the body. As you know, water aerobics is usually done big groups; hence, it allows us to build relationships with those who join the session.


    Swimming is known for its muscular and cardiovascular benefits. This workout is perfect for burning calories and toning your muscles around your arm and thigh areas. Moreover, this also gives an exercise for your lungs; because of this, some singers even practice singing while immersed in water.

    Swimming is usually recommended for those working with heart problems, weight problems, as well as those with arthritis since the buoyancy of the water makes it easier for us to carry our own weight. Overall, swimming proves a lot of benefits for our health.

    how fishing helps our health


    What is great about fishing is that it keeps you busy and moving around for hours. This is great for those who are fond of being stagnant at home. Handling fishing equipment such as combos rods recommended by Flyfishilicious will also help you exercise your strength and concentration.

    Snorkeling or Diving

    For some people, the deep sea offers a perfect place for mental relaxation. Diving may be therapeutic to divers or anyone who loves the feeling of being submerged underwater. Like swimming, diving also burns calories and tones muscles.

    As for those who are not fond of being underwater, snorkeling also provides a mental therapy for those who are into marine creatures and their habitat. Snorkeling allows you to see the beauty of the ocean. Indeed, this will definitely calm your mind.


    Surfing is perfect for upper body and core workout. This is exactly why most, if not all, surfers have perfectly chiseled bodies. If you might have already noticed, most of them even have abs to flaunt. Furthermore, surfing also helps you improve your body balance and coordination especially when big waves are against you.